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Can't connect to server, ERR [XBL] Received undefined XUID


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I'm running 7dtd through Xbox and it has been working fine for several months. But today, suddenly I can't connect to my frineds server/game.

I get the following error

ERR [XBL] Received undefined XUID


I dont use any mods


I can´t post the whole log file, as it seen as spam here

Any ideas?




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Your player profile on that server is corrupted. The only fix is to delete your character from the server. The server's admin

can replace your lost xp and inventory. Player corruption generally happens from network problems.
Most common causes of network issues:




    1: AntiVirus: Add folder exclusions for the game folder and the save folder in your antivirus software.

    2: Wifi. Use Ethernet instead. WiFi is half-duplex, encrypted, and subject to interference.

    3: oem gaming optimizers and lighting software, like Gamefirst from Asus, Dell, HP, Corsair, Razor, etc. Uninstall all this junkware.

    4: VPN or proxy: Use split tunneling to add an exception for the game. Or turn off the vpn.
    5: Try the "Network Workaround" option from the Options/General tab.
    6: Many newer routers have built in security apps which may be interfering with the game's network.
       Log into your router to see if this is happening.


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