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NullReferenceException when trying to join friend


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Hello, I keep getting stuck on Create player loading screen when trying to join my friends p2p game. This has happened a couple of times before and I have cleaned everything and reinstalled the game. After this the game usually works for a couple of days until this happens again. Here is my log: https://pastebin.com/zzHNC6un

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Corrupted player data on host. 

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  at GameManager.PlayerId (System.Int32 _playerId, System.Int32 _teamNumber, PlayerDataFile _playerDataFile, System.Int32 _chunkViewDim) [0x0005d] in <d7dcfa4979674f179c13273f8b30b551>:0 
  at NetPackagePlayerId.ProcessPackage (World _world, GameManager _callbacks) [0x00000] in <d7dcfa4979674f179c13273f8b30b551>:0 
  at ConnectionManager.ProcessPackages (INetConnection _connection, NetPackageDirection _disallowedDirection, ClientInfo _clientInfo) [0x000c8] in <d7dcfa4979674f179c13273f8b30b551>:0 
  at ConnectionManager.Update () [0x0016a] in <d7dcfa4979674f179c13273f8b30b551>:0 

Host will need to go into the Players folder inside of the Save folder for that game, and delete your files. Should be something like EOS_0002e19bdc834556b5c5dc8bc1a41dbe.ttp and .ttp.bak

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