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Windows - Game is extremely slow (character and Zombies)


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Hi there,


It's now been a few days that I am encountering a bug on my PC whatever server I play on. I already tried to restart the game, create a new game, validated the game files through Steam, unistall and reinstalled the game but the bug is still here.

Indeed, the problem appeared for the first time a few days ago when launching a game (MP local) that I am hosting without any mod. Since then, my game is extremely slow and jerky, and it's demonstrated in different ways:

  • Zombies are very slow when moving or attacking
  • I am myself very slow when walking/running, cycling, or driving the motorcycle, and when I'm in the air it feels like there less gravity, but not when I fall from a cliff or some height where I fall normally.


The bug doesn't seem to affect my friend who is playing my game.

Here are the logs of the game: https://pastebin.com/DNnNRCbM


It's almost unplayable like this and I am so sad because this game is clearly my favourite game and I really hope you can helping sorting this bug.





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