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Memory issues?


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Hello everyone.

I am owning 7DTD for around 10 years or so and playing it from time to time on a server I also own.

Two weeks ago I created a new world (10x10k) which runs fine on my server but I do have big issues after my recent desktop hardware upgrade.


I am currently running a Ryzen 7 7800 X3D (8c/16t) with 32 GB DDR5 RAM on NVMe with a 4070Ti GPU.

When playing in any graphic settings higher then Low the game crashes before I can join my server.


My previous setup was Intel i9 9900K, 64 GB DDR4 RAM and also the 4070Ti.

With this setup I was able to run at Ultra settings and even beyond.



Currently 7DTD kills itself with a memory exception. On idle my current build takes 16 GB RAM (browser, VM with 4 GB RAM allocation and several other backround apps).

As soon as I join my server the RAM is getting up to ~ 20 GB before 7DTD crashes. Not sure if this is kind of a real OOM exception or not.

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Something is wrong if the server is using 20GB of ram when you join. Post a log file maybe something is in there revealing more information. DDR5 can be quite finicky, may want to look to see if you have a bios update waiting for you.

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Sorry for my late reply. I forgot to hit the  "follow" button to receive notifications.

I "solved" that problem initially to add 16 GB of Windows page file/swap storage and bought another 32 GB RAM after some days.

So my setup is currently 64 GB RAM which is okay again for 7dtd.


Regarding the server I am still trying to figure out why it eats all the memory.




I just raised this as kind of a Q/A thread not to report a dedicated bug.

For the posssible bug I found I have used the template --> https://community.7daystodie.com/a21-bugs-main/bug-pool/game-lags-for-a-couple-of-seconds-r774/

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