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Quest restarting when logging off


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I was playing a tier V quest and got called away by the kids suddenly and logged off.
Was afraid a wandering horde would take me down while I helped them for a few minutes. 

However, upon login the quest restarted. 

Is this planned to be fixed or is it a "feature".

Perhaps a notification when logging of is helpfull. 

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Yeah, this is intended behavior.  Because the game isn't technically single player even though you can play it that way, holding a POI quest open when someone might not be back online for days is a bad idea as no one else can quest there while it is active.

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On 11/16/2023 at 7:17 PM, 8_Hussars said:

It's feature if the choice is between restarting the quest or failing it.
Its a bug if it does not do what the player wants it to do. 😉

In the future, just press escape for a short term stoppage of game play.

It was on a multiplayer server unfortunately 

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