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Spawning in prison


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Hi, I finally got the Wasteland mod to work but I would like to know how to spawn into the mod locked in the prison. I watched a video of Guns,Nerds,and Steel where he spawns into the map locked in a prison cell and I can't figure out how to do this does anyone know? Is it a custom map? I tried using Navazgane as a map and used RWG and I just spawn randomly somewhere. If anyone knows how to spawn in the prison that would be awesome?


Also in my first map I'm currently playing I'm not seeing any robots or mutants or anything but normal zombies my char is only lvl 5 but I have all the dependencies and they are not double nested in folders they were all extracted into the Mods folder. The Wasteland background shows up when I start the game I do get loot like nuka colas and books and all that I"m just not seeing any special npc's so far unless they all come later but in the video I watched I'm refering to above he runs into bandits and mutants right away but of course he spawned into that prison so I don't know if things are working correctly hopefully you guys can help me thanks!

Sorry didn't mean to put this here I copied it into the right place but I don't know how to delete this.

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My guess: I have never tried this but I *think* there is a file associated with a map (in the map files directory) with all the generated spawn locations in it (x,y,z axis?). It may be called "spawning.xml?" (Prob wrong on this, im not at my PC). Anyway, this contains the spawn points that are randomly chosen when you spawn in. To spawn into something as precise as a prison cell, i imagine you would just load the map and activate the debug command option to be able search for a jail building poi, teleport to it, walk through walls to get in the cell, then note your *exact* position (x,y,z axis), the debug may show these coordinates? Then go to that spawn file and remove all entries in the list and add only the single coordinate you want. Then start a new game and choose that map.


this method should work for any map, but i would not edit Navezgane or any default game map just to keep them clean for troubleshooting. 

i have played wasteland mod a little and im not sure about the spawning but level 5 is very early in game. I remember running into "really bad foes" first when into into pois for looting, so maybe super early game they dont show up on the streets often .... buut yeah spawning into a poi may do it? Also: i believe streamers make a lot of changes to make the game "more fast paced" or "to he entertaining" so maybe more settings were changed to  get the more custom npc/enemies to spawn early game?

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