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Gambling System [Suggestion]


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a Gambling area at the Traders where you can gamble your Duke's Casino Tokens to the dealer, playing either Blackjack, Roulette, etc. You can verse the Dealer and or (a player maybe?) with your friends/players versing against the Dealer! Just to make it a little Lively and Fun and to Roleplay, also a bit of a Change. (Edit: Maybe be able to create Homemade Gambling stuff to play with your friends using your and their own money. Just don't make the Gambling work like how the Dealer does it at the Trader like say your friend wins he gets money out of nowhere but make it so he takes yours instead if he wins depending on the betting number.)

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Count me in for that.

I like these little possibilities to have some kind of time off outside the main plot of the game.

Can't count how often I had more fun for some time with playing e.g. pazaak in KOTOR or bowling in GTA.


Maybe said kind of gambling could also be integrated into the questing system, e.g. the trader offers you a kind of minigame as a chance to win an additional reward, if you're high in his favor. Or for a complete new reward table with higher loot stage.

That would especially be useful when you aren't really interested in any of his initial reward choices.

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In Borderlands 2 you could spend your money in slot machines at the bar, with the chance of loosing quite a lot of the time, a chance at finding some crummy to moderate gear, and a very rare chance of getting something actually good. I could see this implemented at traders and some pois. One of the bad prises could be a zombie attack :)

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