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Firearms Conversion Kits in game AND other ways to mod our weapons


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This is a multi-part thing.



Add in firearms conversion kits in game. We would need to use the appropriate gun parts, springs, metals, mechanical parts to create the things in the first place (these should not show up in most loot and be mainly a crafting-only solution in the game). Maybe airdrops can have 1-2 random kits.


During the crafting process, we can add the conversion kit to permanently change the ammo type of the weapon and it cannot be changed again.
While not all firearms could be converted in this method, it would allow for ways to use our ammo in more ways.


Make a conversion kit for each ammo type with the following suggestions on usage:

  • Pipe Pistol: .44 conversion kit (i mean it is a revolver like the magnum)
  • Pipe Machine Gun: 9mm conversion kit (is basically an SMG anyways the way it behaves in game)
  • Pipe Rifle: .44 conversion kit (single shot .44 rifle is a thing)
  • SMG: 7.62 conversion kit (reference - this would be very loosely like turning an MPX 9mm SMG into an MCX .300 Blackout AR)
  • Lever Action Rifle: .44 conversion kit (these are an actual thing)
  • SMG Auto Turret: 7.62 conversion kit (half the ammo load w/ 7.62 so it wouldn't be unbalanced)



You can create makeshift incendiary ammo. Doesn't hit quite as hard as normal ammo but can ignite a target. Requires Gunsmithing Skill (see below). Cannot be made in boxes.

9mm, .44 and 7.62 require bullet casing, gas, mechanical parts, iron (the base version) and oil
Incendiary Shotgun requires polymer instead of bullet casing


slow crafting time but each craft uses enough parts to yield 5 ammo per craft as a trade off for not being able to make boxes of it (mainly because of the oil and gas)



Allows us to build the kits in various forms and incendiary ammo.

Zero Points in skill - can't actually make the kit but if you have one you can put it on a weapon. weapon durability is -50% of normal installing conversion kits.

1 Point in skill - can make the kits and you aren't a total noob at it. weapon durability is -33% of normal installing conversion kits.

2 Points in skill - you know what you're doing and can now make incendiary ammo. weapon durability is -25% of normal installing conversion kits.

3 points in kill - you are a gunsmith. you can convert the SMG auto turret now. weapon durability is -10% of normal installing conversion kits. craft incendiary ammo 20% faster.

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