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(since 2018)



Welcome to the Operencia PVE server, operating since 2018. We ensure a top-quality gaming experience through continuous updates and developments. Located in the European Union, this Hungarian-origin server warmly welcomes international players as well.


Connect at: ip.operencia.net:26900


Server Details


MAP size: 10k

Game Difficulty: 3 (Warrior)

Block Damage player/AI/AI BM: 100%

XP Multiplier: 100%

Day/Night length: 60 minutes

Drop on death/quit: nothing

Loot respawn: 7 days

Airdrop frequency: 240 hours (in-game hours)

Landclaim count: 2


Thanks to the CSMM operating on our server, players have access to numerous additional features and commands.

A complete list can be viewed on our website: https://operencia.net/commands





  • Private horde events available hourly, with difficulty varying according to player level.
  • Paintball system: Initiate a match or join an existing one. At the start of the match, players are teleported to the battlefield. PVE protection is disabled, enabling PVP in the Paintball area. Points earned for each successful kill can be redeemed.
  • Arena: A deathmatch-style game in a confined area.
  • Labyrinth: Multi-level challenge with the goal of reaching the top to claim the loot.
  • The Cube: Traverse through rooms filled with traps and enemies to reach the top level and claim the reward.(Due to redevelopment, temporarily inactive)



Server Features



  • Automated weather system
  • Custom HUD
  • Player levels displayed next to names in chat
  • OC (Operencia Cash) virtual currency system with a webshop: https://operencia.net/shop
  • Protected starting area where you can open your own shop
  • No reset zones, except in quest POIs where relocation is prohibited
  • Prison system
  • Expanded inventory slots
  • Toggleable system message notifications
  • Warning message to other players during map downloads
  • Display of enemy HP
  • Wider compass showing different types of enemies: Normal zombie (red), Feral (yellow runner), Radiated (green)
  • Buffet next to starting area where 15 different types of food, drink, and packages can be purchased with OC via the /menu command
  • Private messaging system
  • Report system for when admins are offline
  • 3-slot Forge
  • Craftable solar panels
  • Rules accessible in-game via the ESC menu or the /rules command
  • Teleports (Starting area, summoning your vehicle, death position, bed(roll)), plus customizable teleport locations
  • VIP system
  • Bloodmoon approach warnings
  • Reporting of damaged areas for admin repair
  • Querying other players' EntityIDs
  • Real-time in-game clock
  • Viewing top players


Useful Links


Website: https://operencia.net

Wikipedia: https://wiki.operencia.net

Discord: https://operencia.net/discord
MAP: https://operencia.net/map

Vote: https://7daystodie-servers.com/server/101255/vote/


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Lottery system added:


From now on you can purchase lottery tickets using the /lotto [number] command.

Example: /lotto 15


You can pick a number from 1 to 30, the server will draw one randomly every half an hour.

If the drawn number matches the one you picked, the entire grand prize will appear in your inventory right away.


A lottery ticket costs 200 Operencia Cash, and your winnings will be paid in the form of Duke's Casino Tokens. The grand prize keeps growing with every single lottery ticket bought, and will be reset to zero if anyone wins and takes it.

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  • Ammo stack raised to 1500
  • Day length raised to 90 minutes
  • Car wrecks respawn every 2 IRL hours
  • /pm /report /jelent added to the website's Commands menu
  • Autominer instructions: There are three drill bits for finding different materials. They are not interchangeable. They sport different colours as well: TIER 1 - Green (Clay, Cobblestone, Stone, Sand) Crafted from a LVL 50 Tools Digest book TIER 2 - Blue (Brass, Iron, Lead) Crafted from a LVL 75 Tools Digest book TIER 3 - Pink (Coal, Nitrate, Oil) Crafted from a LVL 100 Tools Digest book Aside from drill bits, the machine also needs fuel.



The goal is to find the pharaoh's treasure. The entrance is at the top of the pyramid. You'll encounter several cursed souls and traps on your adventure, be on your guard! Working as a team is recommended, but it's possible alone as well.

Position: 4330 W 1113 N




Escape game based on the famous horror movie. You must wander the rooms to find the exit! The route contains traps and zombies. Not all doors are open between levels, which may require a lot of moving around! Working as a team is recommended to find the exit faster. (The old Operencia CUBE game reworked and rewamped)

Position: 2998 W 1675 N




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