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Plz help, game crashes on launch with EAC on

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hey guys so recently i redownloaded 7 days to die after not playing it for some time , well game downloaded and works sorta.... it will only launch and work with EAC off, everytime that i try to launch game with EAC on it keeps just crashing or turning off by itself during launch screen . i tried deleting the game and reinstalling and no use, even tried deleting EAC within the files and re-downloading and still it keeps crashing , can someone plz advise what to do ? as i wanna be able to play online 

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27 minutes ago, ThunderBolt2239 said:



Your screenshot indicates that you did not run the file I provided the path to.  It looks as if you ran install_eac.bat from the EasyAntiCheat folder inside the client. Please run the file from the path I provided.

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