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Making Late Game Have More Depth in Looting


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I'm doing a no death run to day 100 and I'm now on day 70-something... I have every item I want for my final build, and I've started feeling like there's really no reason to loot stuff anymore. I could literally just sit in my base for the next 30 days and probably make it (besides replacing/repairing some traps, but that's a mining issue, not a looting one).


There's one thing I'd like to see to make looting way more important in late game, and that's item degradation. I feel like (can't remember for sure) there was something like that several alhpas ago, but not now. All I would want is for items to lose something like 5-10% of their max durability each time they're repaired, and then eventually they would become unusable. It would give me a reason to swap out my lvl6 steel knuckles for one of the other 3 lvl6 steel knuckles I have in a storage box, Same would apply to tools, vehicles, armor, and anything else with durability.


If it's not gonna happen, I can just teach myself to write mods after gold and then do that, but I wanted to see if others want the same thing, or have other thoughts about the ultra-late game goals and how to stay engaged in looting

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I think there are users who are thinking the same thing, as there are even mods that are made to reduce the quality of tools and weapons every time they are repaired.
Personally, I think it would be interesting to have rare furniture that can be brought back to your base, a collection element, or the existence of resources that are necessary for maintaining a base but cannot be obtained by mining alone.
Also, if there are NPCs that occasionally join the group while exploring, it would be interesting to collect them and create a survivor village or something...

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Oh, the survivor village idea is interesting... Like you're rebuilding human society or something! Plus they could/would use up your resources, which would keep things like food as an actual element of gameplay into the late game.


Probably not gonna show up in the base game (seems like something that would have been talked about already if it was gonna happen), but maybe someone with significant modding knowledge will put something like that together!

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