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Performance In Cities....

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I've adjusted all video settings, even have a dedicated server now, but cities still have performance issues. Not unplayable, but noticeable. I'm wondering what the cause actually is -- is it the amount of geometry being generated? Is it the sleeping zombies being generated and despawned as you pass the buildings? Is it the zombies in the cities trying to navigate the area? Or the zombies hammering and the physics for larger building need to be recalculated a lot more? Zombies attacking the base of a building caused stuff up the top to break.


My setup has been mentioned before and it wasn't considered the cause of anything. Nor was any in-game occurrences in the log. Meanwhile a lot of players with various set ups have mentioned performance issues in cities.

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Performance in cities is probably always going to be an issue.  The biggest factor is the number and size of the POI as well as performance related items with those POI like lighting.  You will notice far more issues in large cities than small ones for this very reason... You have more POI to deal with.  You will also notice a greater performance hit the longer you stay in cities, especially if you are running multiple tier 5 POI in a row without leaving the city to allow loaded stuff to be freed from memory.


Zombies really won't be a problem except perhaps on horde night for some people.  There really aren't enough loaded to matter, even in cities.  Take a look at the list entities command and you will see there really aren't that many at any given time.  Sleepers in POI won't activate unless you are within their zone, so they don't apply.  If you stay somewhere long enough and allow zombies enough time to start knocking buildings over, then you might have some slow down from the blocks falling, but only while they are falling.


You can somewhat improve things by reducing the distance that things will show up so you only see the imposter blocks until you are very close.  But that is only a small help because stuff isn't unloaded except every 20 minutes, so you will continue to build up loaded blocks even with low spawn distance.

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It´s the windows. Beeing able to see trough means the game renders the things inside aswell. Especially if sky scrapers are around that ofc causes problems.


This should get better in A22 with windows becoming opaque if you are not near them.


Zombies outside of hordes and screamer parties are not a problem for performance as already said. There is a max of 8 per chunk.

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Last I understand it, its not the particle effects or the players or the builds that players have.

It's usually about the sheer amount of voxels rendered to create massive cities.  You may need

to generate a smaller map with smaller cities.  This will help you out massively on the server


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