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Radiation Area/Trader Wars


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I understand we have a bunch radioactive zombies that are super aggressive. but what about a radioactive biome ? 

I think it would be super awesome if we had a biome that you can only access if you had the proper equipment like a HazMat suit

Other than a hazmat suit you would need the proper weaponry to enter this biome as well as the skills, every zombie would be feral and radioactive. 

every structure should be a tier 5 or higher with awesome loot. 

I think this would make the game way more immersive, so players would be able to work themselves up to this biome where they can get good loot, and experience challenge gameplay. 

I think that it would also be pretty awesome if we had bandits. Bandits can set up camps that players can raid as well as bandits trying to raid your base and steal your supplies. I’ve been playing seven days to die since the game first came out and every time I play, I feel like I’m literally the only person on the entire universe which in my opinion is the only downside is game I think bandits would make the game feel like you’re not the only survivor. 


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