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7DTD is going to have spin offs so let's talk about it :)

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Okay what do you think guys think about 7DTD mix with Medieval dynasty? if somone say it's crazy - well kinda exist something like that which name "State of Decay".


Why it's good idea?

Well - 7dtd have base for something like that already but would need be  much more complexed - Sorry Gamestage to go to bin. Welcome advance farming.

Destroable enviroitment would be perfect - you find cool place but this mountain is a problem? blow up it.

There is already "settlements" stuff so make your own would suit good. Get your survivors , dev technology , solve conflict, send them on missions , managment resources, make quality houses, defences , diplomacy with other faction.

This would pretty nice challange. Specialy if add automation similiar to Factorio. 


Only controversial thing  for someone would be  "future of colony". Well if you want your society survive you need kids. So well zombie kids would be too. 



what do you think guys? :)

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1 hour ago, rateds2k said:

Sounds like it could be fun. As long as there are no newsstands in it :)


45 minutes ago, YourMirror said:

And no skeletons. Absolute NOGO.


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