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invalid filename


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bonjour quand je lance 7 days to die (version gamepass) il m'affiche le message : Invalid filename.

Press OK to ignore and risk data corruption.

Press Abort to kill the program.


quand je clic sur ok cela ferme le dialogue et rien ne se passe quand je clic sur abort tout se ferme et c'est tout.


Je n'ai pas découvert comment le résoudre.

Il n'y a aucun fichier concernant 7 days to die dans %appdata%.

Il est installer dans XboxGames sur mon disque C comme les autres jeux du game pass.


Pourriez vous m'aider sil vous plait?


(j'ai deja tenté de copier coller les fichier dans %appdata% mais rien..)

c'est pour jouer en ligne.

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This is weird.


Go into Appdata/Roaming and create a folder called 7DaysToDie, then inside that folder create another empty folder called logs. Not sure why the gamepass version has been doing this to some people, going to investigate further into that.

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Cette solution fonctionne, le jeu fonctionne en solo seulement je ne peut pas rejoindre la partie de mon amie.

il ne détecte pas le serveur de mon amie mais il détecte les autres serveur.

je suis sur pc et elle sur xbox. les deux version de 7days to die sont celles du game pass.

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18 minutes ago, Caedes said:


This solution works, the game works solo only I can't join my friend's game.

It doesn't detect my friend's server but it does detect other servers.

I'm on PC and she's on Xbox. The two versions of 7Days to Die are Game Pass.

Hello, glad that worked. Just to clarify: you mean she's using the Store/Xbox app on her PC right? If so, you should find her in the P2P tab in the browser, just make sure you are searching with the correct region name in the search settings that she's set hers to. I think an Xbox only user can add a Steam friend, not too sure on that, but another solution  (note that this isn't a known solution, just a thought I had) might be for her to link her Steam account with her Xbox account, if she doesn't have one maybe she can just make one to link it, and you do the same with Xbox (no need to buy the subscription, just make an account and link it with Steam). Then, you can add each other as friends, which will simplify the process for the future.


She may also need to port forward for 7 days on her end.

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l'idée me plait bien seulement elle est sur xbox avec la version game pass et moi sur pc avec la version game pass.

j'avais téléchargé le jeux sur steam il y a un moment. puis je l'ai désinstallé,

j'ai installé la version game pass pour jouer avec mon amie.

mais dans son cas elle est sur xbox donc la version game pass.

ont a pas essayer le test : elle vient sur mon serveur..


7jour de transfert c'est les 7 days to die XD


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4 minutes ago, Caedes said:

I like the idea, but it's on Xbox with the Game Pass version and I'm on PC with the Game Pass version.

I had downloaded the game from Steam a while ago. then I uninstalled it,

I installed the Game Pass version to play with my friend.

But in his case, it's on Xbox, so the Game Pass version.

Don't have to try the test: it comes to my server.


7 days to die is the 7 days to die XD



Ohh. The host port forwarding in their router will help with that. Discovery is unlikely to happen with the proper ports not forwarded, there is a sticky FAQ with instructions if you need them, but it's TCP 26900 and UDP 26900, 26901, 26902

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