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Hey we're people that love the game too......

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You guys......I seriously love the game a lot but I am seriously jealous of all the content for pc there are people that would happily pay for dlc or some of the cherry @%$# y'all have done over the years I bought the game long ago fell in love but I'm at a stand still untill I can get more content please help me guys I need you fun pimps...........

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  • kroatoan66684 changed the title to Hey we're people that love the game too......

I assume you are refering to the old console version made by telltale. A new "7 days to die" for console that is up-to-date with the PC-version was shown last week on twitch-con.


You need a newer console though and it will be a new game. And you will have to buy the game again, because its a new licensee doing the game, not telltale anymore. Though owners of the old telltale version will probably get a special deal.


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