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Is there a way to save/backup key binds?


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I've been playing A16.4 for a couple days, just to see what it's like, and when I switch back to A21 all my key binds and game settings get defaulted. I have separate Steam folders for A21 and A16. I found the UserOptions file in the AppData folder but I don't see anything for key binds. Would there be a way for me not to have to keep redoing my settings when switching between the two alphas? 

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One easy way would be to make a second account on your PC and use it exclusively to play A16. I did not test it myself, but this should keep your settings separate.


I don't know if the 7d2d mod launcher also switches settings around when it switches between different alphas, but it promises to handle older versions of 7D2D, so it might.


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