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Block Shapes Wishlist

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Hello Survivors!


I searched for a post with everyone's block-shape wishlists.  Surprised I could not find one. Is there such a post?  Or have TFP ever posted a future shapes list?


I posted this on Steam a while back.


The shoot-through bars are what I'm hoping for.  With the 2 options currently available, It is impossible to get 45 degree diagonal runs to meet up with 90 degree square runs.  I've tried every variation of centered bars meeting up with the regular bars in every orientation.  The gaps are huge, and cannot be filled with trim such as the pole or roof filler.


I like to build the first floor of my base with this shoot through window style, but it gets really boring having the same rectangle shape.


The new bars block might require it to morph with it's neighbor, like the countertop / sink. 


Here are my screenshots where I need the new block.  Might as well go ahead and make a 22.5 degree angled bars block to go with the 45!


I always say 7 DTD is the king of block shapes.  Even over Empyrion, and that's saying a lot. 







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