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How do i delete a player entirely from my dedicated server?

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He has This problem and i wanna try to delete everything that is connected to him from my server to try it again. I already deleted the files in ...worldname/player and his 3 files. Is there anything else i have to delete so the server will forget him completely and maybe fix the bug? 

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You could have put this in the other post :) That should cover it, although if there's a bug in his local player profile, he may need to delete that. Pass this to him:


  • Go into the game launcher (7dlauncher.exe) and go into the Cleaning Tools section.
  • Open Game Settings
  • Delete that entire registry folder for the game:image.thumb.png.10848e01a91f7b09b32633b15fc3a8f3.png
  • Make sure there is no Mods folder in the appdata section (copy paste into the run box: %appdata%/7daystodie ). If you REAAAAALY want to be sure nothing is bad in Appdata, just either delete the folder, rename it or put it somewhere else. There could be corruption in his downloaded world, so have him delete the SavesLocal too
  • Verify the file integrity 3 times in a row (just to be sure, steam doesn't catch bad files every time)
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