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TL;DR Here's to the future

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This is a really long thought, i had about a future game. like (Soul Requiem- 7dtd2)
Its way too late to think of it as a viable offering for now.


(System) Progression:cooperative dependency: possible simplification


   In the save folder is a file for each of the players inventory. I will refer to it
as their save "profile". With all of the back and forth pos/neg responses to RNG loot
would it be possible to write  subsystem that reads each players profile, and adjusts
the loot container's rng percentages for each. This would contour what is yielded per
player and play through. It would also limit the level of what is yielded.


Basically an Int32 or Ulong. uses as multiplicand or divisor. It progress as the single
player, or multi coop does.


It would not be a gate but an actual progression of yielded resources. Although it would limit
how high the tier yields would be and how fast it would progress.


In single player it would be more direct, the dual file read, and a singular calculation.
In multiplayer, the cumulative would be, adjusted by compiling all players of the group
items, averaging them, then reducing by a marginal percentage. It could also be regulated by the
attribute success rate to repair specific items. This means if your repair smith has a skill level
to repair tier 3, then the looter has a higher percentage chance to find 3 and lower items.
Rng would produce a higher tier item, but it couldn't be repaired and it would be used sparingly
until the smith is up to level. "Codependency" as a necessity. It would be in the looter's best interest
to provide "Books" for the smith, to increase intel, to be able to repair the items. "no one left behind"
And each still plays the role they enjoy or choose.


Items are then made to break, if so they yield a portion of the resources needed to build, or can simply
be set to 0 health and a lower tier. At tier 1 health 0 it simply becomes crap resources. Or to regulate it even
further, T1 to 0 health = resources, t2 to 0 = t1 random 16th scale or resources, t3 yields 2 or 1 or resources,
t4 yields 3,2,or resources. t5 yields 4 3 or resources, t6 5 4 or  resources.


I know the following term is a sore topic but it is a form of LBD. Not the traditional min/max.
It would use success/failure, but would be based on survival, days alive, deaths, and events
and team score.


So a person going out looting needs armor, weapons, food. They would find lowered level
loot, depending on the success of the others in the group. Example: I loot, but don't want to cook
and craft, I may learn to make armor but it will still only be as good as the weakest person in the
group. intel regulates chance of success, and amount of additional resources used.


The trader, would only supply needs. If i get a high tier weap or tool or armor, I would need a
person with high tier Intelligence to repair it, with less chance of degradation or breaking it.

The higher the int the greater chance of success. That may mean adjusting loot scale to a rounded
amount of 16 per tier. The 16 scale would be invisible, so if you you had a tier 5 pistol and it was
level 2, and you failed to repair it twice it would degrade to a tier 4 etc. until the person repairing
it came to the level that they could succeed.


Each weapon\arms\tool would have a set of attribute prerequisites so even if it could be repaired by
player one, if they did not possess enough strength they couldn't wield it. Not enough dexterity and their
hit point yield would greatly suffer. If used it would be detrimental to their ability to use it well.


   By this I mean, in regard to the aspects of survival, game play, fun, and progression.
Could a system like this not do a one stop shop balance that is being sought, by both players
and staff. It could weigh, need vs want, and include the trader system, reading, and looting.


A player needs food and water, but wants a high tier tool, weap, armor, and learning. Inclusive, could
be added a sadistic author script, i will call it the monkey wrench. This is the random chance of
creating peril for survival. Basically RNG meets Murphy for the day.


It would probable require using two files, Present inventory, and play through cumulative, for
items acquired and dumped, either by happenstance or intent.


The three main governing attributes: Strength,Dexterity,Intelligence.


Each craft able Tier uses more resources to build, making it naturally heavier, also meaning more
strength would be required to wield it, and more dexterity to yield efficient DPS.


Strength ability to hold, and carry
dexterity, DPS
Int Craft, repair.


The cumulative between the 3 would have to be less than 300
100 + 100 + 70. they can be multiplicative instead of ones. but the total depending on what a person chooses
to do should be less than perfect for all three.


So a true fighter would only be able to repair up to Tier 4 items, with a chance of breaking and reducing integrity
or Tier 3 100%.


The other attributes can govern, DPS for particular groups of weapons or abilities/perks.


submitted just for writing sake😉

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