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The Exorcist house (WIP)


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I caught the Exorcist on TV and figured it would be pretty easy to build the house. It turned out to not be as easy as I thought. I'm gonna have to exclude the attic in this build. If I am to do a more screen-accurate interior, I'll probably have to make the exterior (possibly) a little too big. I also won't be including the infamous stairs on the side of the house. The house IRL is basically built on a mountain, which can be seen in the opening shot of the house in the movie. I built this in Diersville, where the burnt down house usually is.


As of now I only have most of the exterior built, Regan's room and the steps leading to the second floor.


The screenshot was a little too dark so I enhanced it.



The steps leading to Regan's room. It's also where Father Merrin and Father Karras sit while taking a break during the exorcism.



Regan's room when viewed from the door side.



Regan's room when viewed from the window side.

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