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Same House Peer2Peer Not Working

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  • Running Alpha 21.1 (b16)
  • Windows 11/ PC (fully updated)
  • downloaded off GamePass (fully updated)
  • have "xbox for pc app" downloaded; steam linked


Husband and I have pcs literal room apart, hardwired to the same modem. Can't find each other in peer to peer rooms, can't find each other in the international list, nor when we try to search for each other's worlds. Once in game, i don't have the add friends options but I'm not sure if this is something only available for when you have people already in your world?
Is this a recent issue with multiplayer or can someone please assist in the proper way to go about this?
I have a feeling we aren't getting into the game correctly but as you can see the "launcher" comes up, but whenever we click them we have an error (attached as well). So have been going about the Tools > Open Game Folder and then clicked on the file that was 638kb labeled 7DaysToDie. Then we get to the other screen shots. Single player works fine. But co-op is stumping us something awful. Any assistance on this matter would be appreciated.
[have screenshots if people need)
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Heya. Are you and your husband both using the gamepass version? If you've added each other to the xbox gamestore's friends list you should be able to join directly on your friends in the list (right click and Join Game IIRC) Youll want to look at the P2P tab if joining via browser (the one to the right is the friends tab too, might be in there)image.png.ee917150ee07a2d8a9659ee2de4ae012.png


If all else fails, you can always direct-connect via IP (you should be able to use the local IP address, might need to do port forwarding on the host).

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