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I have an NVIDIA series 20 card


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And I am seeing some strange errors. Also a powerful PG but only 16 GB of RAM.


NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti. Seen some bluescreens. Out of memory errors, freezes. Old PC but an i9 at 3.6 GHz. I also use virtual memory on the SSD.  Slightly better performance in smaller world size (longer mean time between crashes). Memory leak? Saw the streamer Legend complaining about memory leaks in Total War Warhammer. Sorry, no screen shots. 


I lowered the graphics and turned off shadows and I still see flickering. I will downgrade graphics again and see what happens. And turn music off completely.

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I would suggest using DDU to install drivers (well, to uninstall rather). When you have bad driver issues, sometimes they can compound/leave bad data behind and it messes with the fresh driver. If you have enough vram, the main reason you'd see an OOM error would be if something with the driver/OS went wrong communicating between the program/GPU. Memory leaks are in almost every program, it may bloat but typically your OS/drivers are supposed to take care of making more room :) 

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The main SSD (C drive) has over 500 GB available. The game runs from the D drive, which has only 200 GB left out of nearly 2 TB. 


The game is stable. I downgraded the graphics and generated a new world (c. 5000 x 5000). 


I reseated the memory, re-cleaned the computer, chose new DIMM slots. This is an old PC that needs replacing. 


I've also stopped running Chrome while playing the game -- it's fun to watch streamers play 7D2D while playing it myself, but that's a small price to pay.


And I do not use EAC ((stopped using it a while ago)



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