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Mutant Skill Tree

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I was thinking about an extra skill tree -- perception, agility, strength, fortitude, intelligence and MUTANT. The healing perk had a stage called Mutant Genes which kind'a gave me the idea.


It's the apocalypse. There's radiation. We're survivors. Mutant abilities would allow you to add some extreme multipliers or qualities to your character. As end-game stuff it could take multiple points -- five or ten -- to unlock a single perk, but the kind of thing it can give you can be worthwhile. Imagine natural night vision at night - things get brighter with a faint green tinge, no need for a torch. The ability to eat rotten flesh and drink murky water. Extra powerful power attacks. Extended inventory space. Super-sprint or super-jump. Maybe an extra technology tier for mutated intelligence - laser or gauss weapons. Natural zombie camouflage. Spitting acid bile like a cop. Exploding like a cop. Feral rage -- gives you extra speed and damage for a while. Radioactive healing.

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