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Can't see friends server

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So lately my friends and I have had this random issue. Typically, host starts server and everyone else joins, no problem. Occasionally, friend will start server and one of us friends joining will not be able to see and join server. We all have game on steam, but are running Darkness Falls mod and can't join game through steam because of that. The first time this happened to a friend. Host restarted server, and friend restarted computer and somehow things worked out. However, this issue then happened to me last night where I was the one that could not see the server. Host restarted server, I restarted computer multiple times and I still could not see the server. So both of them had no issues and I was the only one that had an issue somehow. I even tried starting my own server that I had been tinkering in and no one could see my server. Is there a known fix for such an issue. I would assume that restarting your computer would reset things. The thing that bugged me was I was just with host on the server 2hrs prior to this happening. Then other friend finally got home and we tried to all play and then I couldn't see the server anymore. We had also tried direct connecting to the IP before and that didn't work either.

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This is likely a port forwarding issue. There's a stickied post in this section that has a tutorial if you need it. Ports 26900 - 26902 UDP and 26900 TCP. Don't forget about antivirus/firewall exceptions too. You can actually check to see if you're forwarded properly by checking for Litenetlib connection failures -- once you have it forwarded properly and have exceptions set, you should see it run Litenetlib fine and you should be good to go. Whoever is hosting needs to do this, the connecting clients just need the exceptions set.


Hope this helps :)

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