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A better class of Dew Collector and a better use of a bucket

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So dew collectors can be a point of contention. You get 3 jars of water a day for something that will eventually attract zombies to where you have them.
It does cost a little bit of dukes and materials, but not a crazy amount (the sheer amount of early game brass & the value of quests you can buy a filter on day 1).

But.... BUT.... it needs to be a better machines. Okay think about this - what is one of the most underused items in the game right now? The glorious metal bucket.
How about letting us hook buckets to the dew collector for some options!


Option 1 - each bucket gives the dew collector 3 more "jars" worth of storage. Maybe max it out at three buckets. Really useful especially for those solo voyages when you have a quest 4.2 km away.

Option 2 - buckets attached to a dew collect can collect rainwater during rainstorms. it is of the murky variety and requires to be boiled on the campfire. can yield 3 (or more) jars of water with a boiling time equal to 20 jars of murky water (i mean we are boiling a bucket in a cooking pot).


Option 3 - copy the code for the dew collector and make a new workstation called a rain collector that will require different materials and look significatnly different to the dew collector, trickling water into said buckets (maybe 3 or 4 max). The water filling the buckets are noisy and will add heat (maybe equal to the dew collector).

Option 4 - just let us haul a freaking bucket of water from a water source and boil it to yield jars of water but the bucket rusts out after this use and we need another. can yield a few jars of water.

A couple of the options are resource sinks into making buckets as they can disappear after use but gives them more use than to cart water to your own personal well and/or swimming pool (which I haven't seen many people do... i built an underground pool once and it took awhile even carting 10 buckets at a time).

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3 hours ago, Ramethzer0 said:

Option 4 would absolutely ruin the reasons to need Dew Collectors in the first place.    Crafting buckets is cheap and available very early.

Yeah I don't doubt it...I thought of that option for the people that miss the jars for some oddball reason. could always make the buckets more expensive (like they did with everything cloth-based and increase it by 10x or 20x the resource required) for this option

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