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IA survivors and companies


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I would just like to leave my idea here. I think it would be interesting for the game to have survivors, and animals for company, such as dogs, cats, horses, etc. The survivors could be either friendly or recruited to your team, and you could give commands such as, collect wood, or stones, or follow you, or stay at the base to patrol, those things. It would be really cool, but also to have hostile survivors, who will threaten you, attack you, loot your base, and have bases for you to invade from these hostile survivors. I think it would bring a more interesting dynamic to the gameplay. This would be an option in the menu, where when creating the map, the player could choose to place it in the world to be generated along with the map or not, it would be the player's choice. In other words, when creating the map, the player chooses whether or not to generate survivors... That would be my idea, I hope you look and think about this idea so that perhaps in a patch you can transform the game even further, making it increasingly better and more real.

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