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Craft Timer Stop (Campfire, Forge Workbench)

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I have to stay by the campfire or the timer will stop.

The same is at the forge or workbench.

If I stay in the menu the timer counts down and the objects are processed.

If I close the menu and remove myself, then it stops and is not automatically processed.

The problem occurs on a mod server and in a new singleplayer world.





Game Version

Alpha 21.2 (b14)

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You would probably get more help in the general support forum or mod support forum.  The log you gave is a server log that only shows the game being started but now one playing, so doesn't really help much.


Most likely the cause is a mod.  Even in single player, you are using the mods you have for the server if you don't remove them.

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17 minutes ago, SilencePain said:

Singelplayer without Mods


Well, that log file is showing a lot of mod errors. I would delete your Mods folder and reverify the file integrity through Steam and then try a new world in single-player

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