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Adding recipes. What am I doing wrong?

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<append xpath="/recipes">
	<recipe name="ammoBundle9mmAmmo" count="1" craft_time="30" craft_area="workbench" tags="learnable,workbenchCrafting">
		<ingredient name="ammo9mmBulletBall" count="100"/>
		<ingredient name="resourcePaper" count="2"/>

So I've got a bunch of recipes to repack ammo, but for brevity I shortened it to 1. I get an error about the recipe already existing, but I know alternate recipes with the same name are a thing, such as "resourceGlue" which has 3. I've also tried doing it with insertAfter, but then it just pukes on me altogether and nukes ALL recipes.

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12 hours ago, Krougal said:

FFS! Yeah, stupid typos will get you every time.

Somehow I borked up all the bundle names.

I got it working now.




It happens.  For things like this, I have a reference file open so I can copy and paste the names in my modification file.  Cuts down on typos.  Even do it when I make new items so I stay consistent.


Even doing that, I still make mistakes.  Took me about five minutes to realize one variable name was off because I was using tag instead of tags.

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