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Very challenging PvE cooperative server looking for adult players


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Madhouse discord: https://discord.gg/vUVsdcpshP


Welcoming new players to enjoy the more challenging experience of the Madhouse


Madhouse Server has many, many quality-of-life changes to balance the increased difficulty. 


Changes include:


All beds heal

Farm anywhere without the need for crop plots

MUCH longer days and nights (240 minutes) to give a better day-to-day and more challenging night experience.

Mask your scent with whisperer clothes and walk among the dead

Biomes have new survivability challenges like radiation poisoning in wasteland and the deadly sun of the desert

Temperature effects and biome survivability challenges

Movement changes on per terrain basis (run faster on asphalt and slower in snow/sand)

Zombie variants built from existing zombies as well as custom zombie types

Required mod downloads: CraftFromContainers, Quickstack, and OCBMapWaypoints (all required downloads linked in discord)

hundreds of hours invested into making it a more challenging and fulfilling game experience than plain vanilla

Zombie difficulty changes including regen ability, reach modification (limiting), move speeds, walk types, alert sounds, damage, and buff effects

All zombies are lootable and harvestable

Many, many more..



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