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What's with the hideous absurd front sights?


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I've played this game for years. So so much has gotten better and prettier, but guns keep getting uglier... I can handle to home made ugly because it kind of makes sense in a way, but why in the name of zeus' @%$# are the front sights 3 inches long..it makes no sense at all and is frankly offensive to anyone who has ever seen a gun in person lol..

Pleaseee remove them.

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At the very least, shorten the absurd front sights on practically every weapon. The rear sight on the smg dosnt even have a peep hole its just silly lol...

What bothers me, is that, these did not come standard with the models... these have been evolving with the game since its.....first early access, and these sights were a choice, not just a bad job... so..yeah i don't know

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