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Mod with only minor crafting

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Many Alphas ago, I tried out a mod that was created that minimized crafting in the game. You had to survive with only what you could loot. I think you could maybe boil water and cook some very basic things. I'm having trouble remembering what mod that was. Does anyone know? I tried looking through the A20/21 mod list and couldn't find what I was looking for.

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14 minutes ago, JodoKirvanti said:


Maybe but I thought you could still make campfires and boil water in the one I'm thinking of.


When I update it, I can make that an option. (It will involve XML editing but I'll try to make it as painless as possible.)


I would tell you that you can look through the A20 version to figure out what you'd have to do, but crafting changed so much in A21 that the A20 mod is probably not too useful any more.

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