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today i had some mysterious errors in BLOOD MOON launching EXPLOSIVES


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we play this map since 42days..no errors all the time..

but today when i try to launch an explosive (grenade red/black pipe bomb or molotow)

it appears immediately..BUT when i press esc an the bomb isnt exploded so fast i launch a second and NO error appear during launching the second

but when they but exploded and i launch a new ERROR


its a freaky error..can someone explain? (before it was all okay, i lanuched molotow at 21oclock at a house all normal..after 22.00 horde it appears)

its written some zombie or  unable the icompare.compare gamemanager


(i have @%$#ti screensize 3840*1080 , downside the pic cutted in 2 pieces for more readable)






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