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How to tweak sensitivity bellow 0.05 limit in A21?


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Changing values with sg doesn't work.

Played around registry value for mouse look:

  • at 0x0 it prevents mouse look entirely
  • at some funny value I randomly did, it does move player hands on your screen, but without rotating camera

Which makes it feel like sensitivity should be able to be adjusted bellow set threshold.


Its only cursor speed at low DPI that @%$#es me off though (going to windows controls to tweak it every time I wanna launch the game is annoying; could probably replace it with cmd scripts, but thats still annoying). So tweaking menu sensitivity will also do (changing values with sg does nothing; as far as I can tell).

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We have been making some updates to the control system, not sure if that would affect keyboard and mouse or just controllers. But, I also play with a low DPI myself, I know what you're talking about, think it's just a Unity thing since every Unity game I've played I have a specific mouse profile for because of it. This is how I have mine setup:image.png.fa1c727f0e4ab4963af4ee183836a166.png



Also, load up the 7dlauncher.exe and check Use Native Input Module. Hope it helps.

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@Jugginator, I'm unsure if we are on the same wave here. Let me try wording it out other way around:

Controls became more sensitive in A21, which I dislike. There should be absolutely no reason to favor low DPI since low DPI equivals rigged movement. And yet even 3k DPI is too much for this game with option floor limit of 0.05.

I suspect that it's not the engine limit (at least it was better in A20 which still was on unity), so it should be possible to tweak it bellow 0.05 sensitivity if one does figure out how look sensitivity value is determined (it could be just double precision floating point value; for some reason I actually did expect that lowering byte values would reduce sensitivity, but that may not be the case since floating point values are represented in their specific way... I plan to poke around a little more before giving up).

Workarounds exist. True. I am just looking for a way to play without workarounds, while keeping this smooth high DPI.

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Actually nevermind,

sg OptionsLookSensitivity <value>

does work properly

its just that I had to end up with hilariously low values. About 0.0045 is optimal for me at 25600 DPI






This data is probably useless, but you never know.


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