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Let me start by saying this is not a complaint, rather a question.  Why would the given anti-cheat engine kick me for trying to connect to a server and reading all of the 34 threads while waiting, then noticing that the download stalled at 70% percent.  I then used alt F4.  Restarted the game to attempt to connect again.  Then it stalled at 90%. I then repeated alt F4 to try to connect again.  Then a temporary kick was given?   Not sure if installed Geforce Experience is causing problems...

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I am not an expert in EAC, but


you might have network problems and the EAC kick simply happens after some timeout or because it sees the same IP address trying to connect too many times. It might not have noticed the previous attempt was interrupted and still might be having an open connection there.


There is a "network fix" setting in the options you could try out. Or post a link to a logfile on pastebin for us to analyze




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