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Finding lore at building's to expand the world.


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I'd love to see lore added to the world, demonstrating how the world was slowly overcome by the apocalypse,

reading different accounts and experiences as a nice little addition to the environment.


For an example, I'll use the Hospital.
There could multiple notes/books/diary's scattered throughout the area, these could be from patients and staff.

They could look something like:

  • Patient log #1 (multiple numbers, easy for collectors to keep track of)
  • Doctor's Notes - Patient 3023 (same as above but a different name)
    • Notes describe symptoms of various patient and their deterioration to the virus.
  • Julie's Diary entry October 4th *Redacted year*
    • Pages of a diary as the patient either turns to zombie or witnesses it.
    • Dates could be within a two week period, slowly becoming incomprehensible as Julie deteriorates.
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