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Gyrocopter Update


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To make the gyrocopters more interesting and fun, the game needs this update.


1. Gyrocopters bombs


     The gyrocopters now gets a new modification that allows the fitting of two 50 pound bombs. One drag bomb, and one high explosive bomb. Requires gyrocopters pylon modification


2. Improve Gyrocopters flight mechanic with mouse look.


The mouse look feature should not only determine the YAW direction the aircraft is facing, but also the aircraft's pitch, kind of like warthunder.


3. Replace Gyrocopters SFX


The current gyrocopters sounds like a clogged vacuum cleaner, give it some "proper chopper" sound effects.


4. Replace propeller effects


The propellers on the Gyro spin way too slow, it would be really cool for them to have a blue effect


That is all, I thought of having guns on the gyrocopters but that seems a little too OP


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4 hours ago, Old Crow said:

I'm pretty sure the Fun Pimps won't be giving any of the vehicles any sort of weapons - hell, they don't even want to allow passengers to shoot their guns while in vehicles.


The rest seems pretty feasible.

They should at least allow people to shoot out. 


Like if you're on thr back of the 4x4 you should stand up and start blasting 




But aside from that. Great ideas

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