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SinglePlayer Map Renderer


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Howdy Survivalists,


since Random Gen I always wanted a tool to export the explored world. Although I really like cumu's tool Export-discovered-map-to-png, it simply doesn't fit my needs. Personally I don't like python very much and I don't want to run a web server and browser just to see my map.


So, I made my own version based on cumu's tool. It's a small .net application and exports only one player map to one png file.

The only option so far is the size of the exported map:

  • FullSize means one pixel equals one ingame block
  • HalfSize means one pixel equals four ingame blocks (two in x and two in y)
  • and so on

Download and source code is available at: https://github.com/DorHans/7DTD-SMR/releases


Old address provided, in case you need an older version: https://7dtdsinglemaprenderer.codeplex.com


A big thanks to cumu for sharing his great work!

Also a big thanks to Karlovsky120 for writing the 7DaysProfileEditor.



2020-02-06 version 1.11.2020.206

  • added missing symbol for gyrocopter


2019-12-31 version 1.11.2019.1231

  • added rendering of biome map and prefabs for Alpha 18
  • added TileSizes double, triple and quadruple (maximum pixel size of png file is about 20k by 20k, enough for double size with 8k maps or quadruple size with 4k maps)
  • added setting for game directory (needed for prefabs) -> please check "Settings" window!


2019-12-22 version 1.10.2019.1222

  • new method for reading waypoints from ttp files
  • spawnpoint (bed), backpack and quickmarker are no longer rendered


2017-11-12 version 1.9.2017.1112

  • new experimental tool RegionViewer (maybe useful for RegionEditor)
  • ImageFilePath is saved for each SaveGame individually


Old versions:



2017-09-02 version 1.8.2017.0902

  • first Github release
  • rendering of ingame waypoints for Alpha 16.3 (b12)


2017-06-12 version 1.8

  • last Codeplex release
  • map file format changed with Alpha 16 (b105)
  • rendering of ingame waypoints for Alpha 16 (b105)


2016-10-06 version 1.7.1

  • rendering of ingame waypoints for Alpha 15


2016-06-05 version 1.7

  • rendering of ingame waypoints for Alpha 14
  • rendering of spawn position, dropped backpack and quick map marker
  • added datastore for large maps (map file > 64 MB, see Settings menu)


2015-12-18 version 1.6

  • added rendering of ingame waypoints
  • added rendering of names to all POIs and waypoints


2015-12-05 version 1.5

  • added rendering of POIs from a csv file (see post #22)
  • fixed calculation of region numbers
  • added experimental tools (from "Debug build" of 1.4)


2015-10-12 version 1.5 b1

  • added command line interface (see post #21)

Browse the "DOWNLOADS" tab on the Codeplex site to find this release.


2015-09-27 version 1.4

  • small UI improvement, so you can select your save game rather than a map file
  • added options to render region names (see post #20)
  • added settings.xml to the application directory
    Be sure not to put the exe under "C:\Program Files" or "C:\Windows", however "C:\ProgramData" or any other directory with full access is fine.

The project site on Codeplex also has a "Debug build" of 1.4.


2015-08-26 version 1.3

  • added options to draw grid lines (could be useful with Regionedit)
    to align the grid to regions use a grid size of 512
    to align the grid to chunks use a grid size of 16

For a screenshot and further discussion, see post #15.


2015-08-16 version 1.2

  • added button to open the export folder
  • added possibility to draw a background (taken from game resources)


2015-07-19 version 1.1

  • added optimized rendering method for "FullSize" images (up to 10x faster with maps 5000x5000 blocks/pixels)



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This is super -- thank you, DorHans. For a long time now, I've wanted an offline way to scour my explored map to find those teeny cave entrances. (In-game, not only is the clock always ticking, but the resolution of max zoom isn't that great.)

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Just came across this from this thread: 7DTD Alpha 12 - Full mod list!


I have to say this sounds perfect for plotting my next days course and summarising what stashes I have made from the previous day, all I may add, from the comfort of my plate wood and stick chair by the soothing light of a fire torch. I'm guessing it can be opened in Publisher? Can't try it yet as stuck at work.

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OK first thoughts:


Install: "Crap I did it wrong, that "install" was far to quick and easy!"

Launch: "That looks too nice to be working surely!"

Import: "I'm expecting a pack of dogs to come chasing me this is too easy!"

Export: "Job done!"

Viewing: "HOLY FRACK!!!"


An amazing bit of coding there! The clarity is unbelievable! Far too many !'s but hell, this is awesome dude!


A quick bit of Publisher editing and I've got bases, pickups and mines\caves highlighted...again amazing job!



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  • 2 weeks later...

Version 1.3


I've added options for drawing grid lines. The attached picture has a grid distance of 100 blocks and the point 0/0 is marked with a small circle. (Just noticed the attached image got converted to jpg and you can't really tell where the circle is. Sorry for that.)



My plans for the next versions:

  • improve usability
  • add overlays
  • any ideas?

As for usability I think about saving settings, last used files or make a dropdown with all saved games, so you don't have to select the *.map file.

Well, overlays should include your "home" symbol. You should be able to add your own symbols for POIs or caves, like in post #11. It would be great, if anyone has an idea on how to get this information!


I'd like to hear if you have any other ideas or suggestions.

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This is excellent. Thanks from another.net developer. :)

It works flawlessly.

I use IRFanView to display it on my second monitor.

Anyone else have a nice lightweight image viewer url they'd like to share?


DorHans, if you're looking for ideas, I'd LOVE to have a command line version that I could call from a shortcut if it's possible. This way I could update the map with a click.

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Version 1.4


This version brings a small UI improvement, so you can select your save game rather than a map file. And there are new options for rendering the names of region files:


(Note: You may change the font and the size to your needs.)


Last point: I added a settings.xml to the application directory. Be sure not to put the program under "C:\Program Files" or "C:\Windows", however "C:\ProgramData" or any other directory with full access is fine, like "C:\Users\<username>" or "C:\Temp". (Otherwise the program is not able to write the settings to disk and forgets about everything.)



@GaryP: I use XnViewMP as image viewer.

A command line version is clearly possible, just give me some time. But please be sure, not to use this tool as a live viewer. 7DtD writes the map file every few seconds and if the reading and writing collides, you may end in a mess.

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Version 1.5 beta 1


Here it is, the first version with a command line interface. Tell me what you like and what you want to see improved!


(The download is "hidden" here: https://7dtdsinglemaprenderer.codeplex.com/releases/view/617880)


7DTD-SingleMapRenderer.exe /? will print the following help:

7 Days To Die - Single Map Renderer - v1.4.2015.1012



/m or /map=<value> Path to the map file

/i or /image=<value> Path to the image file

/ts or /tilesize=<value> Size of each map tile (16, 8, 4, 2, 1)

/bg or /background Draws background from in-game map

/g or /grid Draws grid

/gs or /gridsize=<value> Size of a grid cell

/gc or /gridcolor=<value> Name of the grid color

/ga or /gridalpha=<value> Alpha value of the grid color

/rn or /region Draws region numbers

/rfn or /regfontname=<value> Name of font for region numbers

/rfs or /regfontsize=<value> Size of font for region numbers


Only the map-switch is required. All other switches are optional.



7DTD-SingleMapRenderer.exe /map="%appdata%\7DaysToDie\Saves\<Path to file>.map" /i="%userprofile%\Desktop\map.png" /bg

Will render the map to your desktop with the in-game background.

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Version 1.5


You can now draw your own symbols to a map.


This works with a plain CSV file. For the latitude applies: + is north and - is south. For longitude is + east and - west.

-400,680,book  ;comment 400S 680E bookstore


Within the application are these symbols included:

book, house, star, fork

chest, medic, tick, gun, shield

drugs, radiation, hammer, fire



Feel free to add own symbols or replace the existing ones! (I recommend a size of 32x32 pixels.)

Create a folder called "Resources" in your application directory. Inside this folder create a new one called "png". In there you may put your "<name>.png". Inside the poi.csv you can now use <name> in the symbol column. See this screenshot:



And I added some experimental tools (from v1.4 debug):

* Font test: Renders an image with all installed fonts. Choose your favorite with ease.

* XML to CSV converter: Convert blocks.xml, items.xml and materials.xml into a handy csv file. Maybe interesting for balancing your own mods or if you are curious on which blocks mobs can spawn on.


As always, tell me you think.

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Version 1.6


Hi guys and gals,


here it is, the brand new version capable of rendering ingame waypoints. Hope you like it.

As I am now messing around with the player file (id.ttp), the rendering may break with the next 7DTD release.


The POI.csv is extended with a name column (just like in game):

-400,680,book,"Book store"  ;comment


Tell me, if you encounter any problems.

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