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Dedicated server IPV6 support and DS-Lite / CG-NAT issues

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Hello guys,

my first post here actually!


I invested now hours, no actually days until I digged down to the real issue what causes me to not be able to play on externally hosted multiplayer servers.


I try to be really quick on the setup:

  • VPS hosted by Contabo which is running a 7D2D dedicated server (set-up myself, multiple times already and worked for different Alpha's already - also plain steamCMD or linux-gsm setups were tried)
  • My PC / client which is apparently only able to use IPv4 using the DS-lite mechanism (because the ISP told so)


So apparently this issue - or some parts of it - were already discussed or at least barely scratched in other threads (for references please read through the following):




How does the issue manifest itself?

  1. Falling through the ground after the initially loaded chunk border is tresspassed
  2. Looting is frozen / not working
  3. Players & AI is stuck / moving on place
  4. Actuall no disconnect by not receiving any packages
  6. Some WRN logs when joining that "Requesting the TCP rules" failed


So much for the issue.


I see technically 2 possible solutions for this issue which are not yet there - if yes, PLEASE point me out how to do it, I'm mad desperate:

  1. 7D2D dedicated server lets me configure to host on IPv6 so I can connect via IPv6 properly
  2. The ISPs fixing the issue with the missing UDP support for IPv6 <-> IPv4 packet translation


I also see 2 workarounds, however, both are considered equally bad:

  1. Play via a VPN with a static IPv4 so the packages from the server actually reach my client as "callback"
  2. Ask your ISP to provide you a Dual Stack / static or real IPv4 address which they might do or might just not do, even if you'd pay


So my question is down to the following:

How can I start playing on externally hosted dedicated servers again?

How can I get MY OWN server connection established again?

How is the dev team reacting to the DS-lite issue? Will IPv6 be supported soon?


Best regards & leave your thoughts please! :)

Max (just a dev himself...)

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Until programs actually start supporting IPv6, this is going to be a continually worsening problem. It not like we didn't see this coming either, but no one planned ahead I guess.


Unless you use a VPN or get a dual stack, I don't know of another fix. And the problem will just get worse as more and more ISP's drop IPv4 support. I honestly don't know why the entire industry is so behind the ball on this.

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Fully true, IPv6 has been around for quite some years now (>20 years AFAIK...), so it's really suprising.

I hope they won't be so slow with the year 2038 problem as well, otherwise I'm seeing a total blackout coming our way...


However, thinking less globally and dramatic but yet only about 7D2D I would like to place a feature request to 7D2D in order to push this topic in the long-term :D

Do you know where I could do that actually? Or how I could speak to somebody of the Dev team about it quickly?

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