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error object reference not set

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7 minutes ago, SylenThunder said:

Player data on the host is corrupt. You will need to have the admin either restore your player data files from a known working backup, or delete the files and gift you back some levels and/or items.

Does the game make automatic backup? or how are my files deleted to start again?
Is there a way to prevent this error again, I have already had the same error several times,

thank you

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Posted (edited)

The host should be able to find the profile. They can look in their log for your profile ID and then delete those files from their saves folder for the game.  Profiles aren't automatically backed up unless the host/server is doing so themselves.


The problem usually occurs due to connection problems and/or improperly exiting the game while connected to the host/server, such as with a crash or using Alt-F4.  Being sure to properly close the game is the most you can really do.  Connection problems can be very difficult to resolve other than to try a different server/host.  I'd say that if this is happening frequently with that server or host, you may want to consider using another in hopes that it won't happen there.


Also note that non-standard characters in your name can sometimes cause this corruption in case you are using anything other than standard ASCII characters.

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4 hours ago, Ryuk0717 said:

Is there a way to prevent this error again, I have already had the same error several times

From your log: 2023-05-21T22:27:10 46.403 INF NET: LiteNetLib: Connection failed: ConnectionFailed

This is a problem with the server setup which will cause your connection to have more latency. This could

be causing your profile corruption. Ask the server owner to fix this error.


Also your machine is minimum spec and so is already at a disadvantage, and that, combined with the bad

connection, may be the cause of your repeated profile corruptions. There could be other factors at play

as well that interfere with the network like, VPN, AV, network "optimization" apps like Asus "Gamefirst", etc.

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