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Lootgroup / reward boxes not functioning as expected?

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<lootgroup name="ragechest">
    <item name="SelectionToken" count="1" prob="1.0"/>
    <item group="rageWeapons" count="1" />
    <item group="rageAllArmors" count="1" />
    <item group="rageAllTools" count="1" />
    <item name="Workbench" count="1" />
    <item name="rageCoin" count="36000" />
    <item name="drinkJarGrandpasLearningElixir" count="36"/> 

Here basically I'm trying  to guarantee these items drop inside of a reward box for players, but then only 3 items ever pop up, also when I have tried odds like 0.03 (3% chance) they spawn still with what feels much greater odds.

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