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Robotic Turret Mods, Do They Work For the Turret Itself?

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When you put mods into a robotic turret, do they only "work" when you're holding it and using it as a gun? The magazine mod worked to give it a bigger ammo reserve, but the automatic trigger mod didn't affect the fire rate as I thought it would.

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There are relatively few mods that increase the efficacy of turrets because they are so easily OP.

I only use Drum clip and extended barrel mods and you can still wreck a massively oversized horde with the correct placement(s).


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I think that in the case of a trigger mod, you can think of how automatic would work.  The automatic mode isn't using the trigger.  It is using a sensor (laser) to find a target and firing a shot whenever it has a target sighted.  The trigger mod would affect it only when the trigger is actually used (when manual firing).

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Posted (edited)
10 hours ago, OneManStanding said:

Thank you - I'll find an extended barrel mod for it.

To answer your question though, I find holding the turrets for firing doesn't have the effectiveness that a placed one does.

And I might be wrong but the automatic trigger doesn't add much to a weapon that is already capable of it.  10% I think.


The real capstone is double placement.   This is especially powerful when you place 2 in multiple positions, and then you move to which positions need the most attention.  I've had horde bases where 2 or 3 of my friends were also using double placement, but sometimes we'll place 4 or 6 turrets at any given time.   When one turret runs outta ammo, the other will turn on and pick up the slack.   Reload the first two while the second are still firing = horde night easy mode.

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