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hey anybody know how to remove the gray from my map for just me.

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this way i can verify the high quality map i generate against the map that i am playing. also three screens would make it so the colors that indicate it would not generate on any one screen would be visible and therefore map generation would work better. but someone help me view my server map please just you know in game.???

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If you press F1 and type dm and hit Enter, you can open your map and at the top right there is an option for different map views.  If you switch to biomes, you can see an uncovered view of the map, though it is not the same thing as your normal map view and doesn't show everything.  But it does give you a fairly good in-game view of what your map looks like.  That's the best you can do in the game itself.  As mentioned, there are ways to view the map using third party tools.

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