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please listen to this problem i have generating maps it is confusing.

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I attempted to generate a map and when i went into advanced i had to generate the map and it didn't tell me what to do.!!! so i generate several and then they never started then i watched a youtube video and found i had to put in a seed or it didn't work but it still didn't so i put in another and hit escape twice and it went back one page but didn't have all the good colors as the changes on the other page made it change and these ones don't work so please make it three pages. so all are displayed at once so you can find the ones that do work please. also the one where i did go back well i did start it but it generate a different map because the thing when generating show me map with supposed 17 town but only had like 12 or thirteen. please if you teach me how to no clip in my server i will use it generate then screenshot the high quality preview then go back using the escape key to find out if i am right. then screenshot to show going back makes a different map and waiting is not monitored after a certan amount of generation, so if i am supposed to wait but it doesn't say anymore. 

please make three screen of stuff so we can tell if it will generate and then add more stuff to tell us it is still working on it or explicit instructions on what to do each and every step like a game maker tutorial please. 

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Your problem isn't very clear.  If you are making a map using the in-game RWG (Random World Generator), then it has a constant notification of what is going on.  I believe it updates the timer about every 3 seconds or so.  So it is very easy to see that it is working.  Not only that, but it only takes about 10 minutes for an 8k map, so it isn't a long wait.  If you are using some third party map generator, you need to ask those people about your problem.


As far as how RWG works, it is very basic - enter a seed, set your sliders, and generate the map.  Then create a new game and select that map.

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look i found out that if i rwg and i expected it to start the map right away. but it didn't i had to go back to the map area and use the arrow key to suddenly find a map with a name that was made by the machine then it would have my name for it too. i wasn't looking for that two name combination so i missed it and thought it wasn't there that i had done something wrong. some button i forgot to push!!! it was the slider button only show if but it should according to my knowledge of software be drop down list. not a slider list and at best if would be a RWG marked title then a drop list of maps you made and everyone would get it cause of windows. thank you bill gates.

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