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Spotting / Ping / 3D Marker System

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You know what it's like -- you're simply trying to tell your buddy where a zombie, bear, direwolf or pig is, and it becomes needlessly complicated.


You get flustered trying to take into account your position, their position, the cardinal directions, the local landmarks ... ... ... you suffer from an obsessive compulsive desire for absolute accuracy in your directions, compounded by the fact your buddy has a complete and persistent lack of any sense of any direction whatsoever. And I'm thinking ... we could just spot like in Warzone or Battlefield!


Like putting a temporary waypoint simply by aiming and pressing a button. You don't need to open your map, make a map point, save it and share it.


I'm on our base, I aim at the zombie-bear-wolf-pig (or where it's standing) across the street, tap or double tap the button, and a red exclamation mark pops up for several seconds at that spot for my ally to zero in on as he makes his way back to the base. I can mark buildings, cars, safes, boxes, hordes... It was a very simple, useful, and powerful assist in various Battlefields and Warzone.

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