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Welcome to VoltraLux


I'm a brand new content creator starting out my video creation journey with one of my all time favourite games; 7 Days to Die!

I've begun with coverage of the latest news and updates regarding the Alpha 21 build, but I have big plans for the future involving 7D2D too. Through my love of 7D2D I was inspired to start creating Youtube content, join me as I learn new skills in video editing and creation, explore the world of 7 Days to Die and share my experiences with the game we have all come to know and love!


If you'd like to try my channel out, join me on the journey and leave some constructive feedback It'd be much appreciated. I hope I can see you around as I continue to create content in this space and would very much appreciate your time and support in watching and subscribing to my channel!


You can check out my videos so far below:

Alpha 21 News Videos:

Alpha 21 Stream Recap #1



Alpha 21 Stream Recap #2


Alpha 21 Stream Recap #3


Alpha 21 Stream Recap #4


7 Days to Die on Console News:

Console Gameplay on PS5


New Console Edition Announcement



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