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Tier 4 quest requirement?

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I have a question, is there a minimun  level to access tier 4 quests?  I have completed the tier 3 quests and the special trader quests at 2 different traders but neither of them are giving me tier 4 quests.  I happen to be playing a no zombie spawning game to have fun building I am at least level 32,





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I have completed the quest progression from tier 1 through all of tier 3 quests and the find a new trader special quest between each tier at both traders and have waited another day after the special find a trader quest, before expecting to see the tier 4 quests offered.  I don't know if you have to have a min level to be offered tier 4 quests or there have to be tier 4 POI's with in a certain range.  or you have to have zombies spawning to unlock tier 4 quests.

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There isn't a minimum level and if you waited one day, whether you completed the special quest or not, then you should have the next tier.  In fact, after completing the tier at a trader, you can go to another of the same trader and you should see the next tier, at least if you hadn't been there yet that day.  So if you don't, it is probably as was mentioned that zombie spawn being off has broken it.

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It sounds like it's intentional; no zombies, no clears, you'd just get your reward for running back and forth.


If so, you could at least check if it's also dynamic - if the quests change with the settings. I would have to assume it needs to. So, next time you log in, turn zombies on, check the trader. I'm also thinking relogging probably resets the quests, so you might just try that, get to trader, log out to turn zeds on, see if the quests are there. No need to meet an actual zed. Maybe :)

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If you want to play without any zeds, you need to mod the quests files


            <!-- Tier 4 -->
        <quest id="tier4_clear"/>
        <!-- <quest id="tier4_fetch"/> -->
        <quest id="tier4_restore_power" />
        <quest id="tier4_fetch_clear"/>

            <!-- Tier 5 -->
        <quest id="tier5_clear"/>
        <!-- <quest id="tier5_fetch"/> -->
        <quest id="tier5_fetch_clear"/>


There are T4 and T5 fetch quests, but they are commented out so they won't appear in the trader's list of quests.  If you uncomment them, it should work at T4 and T5 levels.


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