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Live transport. Sled horses

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Hello, guys. Tell me, please, do the developers have any plans at all to introduce a horse into the game as a transport? I'm not talking exactly about the release, bat, for example, after the release, is such an innovation even possible? It would also be great if he could use a weapon on a horse to shoot back from the dead. I think that would be a great idea. Especially within the framework of the post-apocalypse theme. And, besides, you would have to look for workarounds, since your horse can be quickly overwhelmed by zombies. And, for example, this transport is suitable for the game "Iron Age". You may remember that season 6-7 used the walking dead, and they were all included in the zombie theme. I really hope that the developers will think about this type of transport.

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The game is at the end of its development and just a few specific features need to be added to be ready for release. Currently shooting from vehicles is not in the game and a horse would be a somewhat bigger new feature and not add anything significantly different to the game (basically it brings people from a to b like any other "vehicle").


So no, I don't see them adding a horse, at least not before gold.


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