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Do the A21 specialties include the treasures?

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I started a mod to change the loot in the treasure chests found via the treasure maps to be specific. Each individual that buried a treasure and left a map had their own specialty: firearms, medical, farming, etc. Unfortunately, my hard drive got borked and those files were lost. I still plan on making it, but I remember hearing that the traders in A21 would have their own specialties. If this extends to the treasures, I might as well just skip it. If that's not planned or is not coming anytime soon, I am going to get to work on that mod again. Just need to know if the specialties that are being implemented by TFP apply in any way to the treasures.

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Nothing has been said regarding that and I doubt it will.  After all, the treasure maps aren't from the traders and are only from other survivors who buried loot.

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