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In order to make the map more useful, a few requests.


1) Stickers. So you can mark things without needing to save a waypoint. Useful for things like when you find working vending machines, when you want to mark certain POIs to come back to later, resources you want to hop over to, etc. Also an option in the options menu to mark how close you have to be for stickers to show up (100m, 250m 500m, 1km, etc) would complement this option well.


2) Recolored Waypoints. Let us specify waypoint colors, so we can do things like mark down player bases in blue, traders in green, mines in black/brown, et cetera.


3) Some way to move while the map is up. Mainly because sometimes I try to explore large areas of the map to reveal it and identify resources I may come back to later, but having to constantly open and close the map to see where the grey unexplored area is kind of gets annoying. I believe there's been mention of absolutely no minimap so the ability to move while the map is out is a good alternative. Of course, you might drive into a tree or rock or something while looking at your map and driving, but hey - that's super realistic, right? EYES ON THE ROAD!

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